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We have put in place preparatory measures and guidance to assist our guests mitigate the potential risks posed to public health and our business by the Coronavirus (Covid-19). We are continuing to update our guidelines and procedures in line with HSE recommendations, to ensure we keep our guests and team safe and afford you the peace of mind that will allow you to relax and enjoy a wonderful experience while staying with us or visiting us for the day. While things may be a little different for us all, your patience is appreciated. We will not be held responsible for any issues occurring due to Government Restrictions in place

Patricia Kelly

General Manager



Your safety and that of those around you continues to be our main priority, therefore we have temporarily changed our cancellation policy to include a Covid-19 clause. Should you develop a new and consistent cough and/or a fever prior to your arrival, we ask that you do not attempt to travel. Instead we will offer you the option of changing the date of your reservation, holding your existing payment as credit against a future booking or offer a full refund.

Our services have all been revised to alleviate risk and ensure ease of service in line with HSE guidelines.



We would ask that any customers experiencing flu like symptoms or sickness to please postpone their visit to a later date. We would also ask that any customers that may have visited the countries affected by COVID-19, as updated by the HSE information here, or have been in contact with a confirmed case please postpone their visit.

We will review regularly and update as the situation evolves, keeping policies and procedures relating to Covid-19 under ongoing review. This information has been developed based on HSE and World Health Organisation Draft Guidelines and does not constitute legal advice and is purely for guidance.

We operate highest levels of cleaning as best practice and we have increased these levels throughout the hotel. We have introduced constant sterilising of identified touch-points across all public areas and will continue this process going forward.



We have identified a team of management and staff to handle all issues in relation to COVID-19 and contact numbers have been shared internally.

This team will ensure appropriate communication and coordination between different departments

(front desk, housekeeping, laundry, day and night managers and food and beverage).



Mulroy Woods Hotel has developed a (written) preparedness plan for a suspected case(s) of COVID-19 at the hotel, covering:

The safe isolation of any suspected case(s) of COVID-19: We have identified isolation room(s) which are located away from lifts.

We will Guide the guest(s) to an isolation room straight away and contact the Health Services Executive (see below).  We will ensure that the guest has access to communication through a room phone or mobile phone (with charger).   If the guest has a GP / Doctor in Ireland, we will inform them that they should phone them without delay and inform the GP of their travel history and symptoms.  Otherwise the guest will be advised to phone 112 or 999 without delay.   The hotel will notify the HSE by phone that a guest may have COVID-19. (Call save: 1850 24 1850, Phone: 041 6850300)  The HSE will designate a health official who will take control of safe transfer to a hospital if required.  In advance of response from HSE, we will attempt to identify close contacts of the suspected case in the hotel and retain their contact details and location to share with the health official.  We will lock down the original guest room until it can be professionally cleaned.  Cleaning and decontamination of affected room(s), areas, laundry, objects and safe disposal of tissues, face-masks etc. left by suspected case(s).  We will consider setting up a contract with a professional cleaning company who will be able to provide the necessary services, if and when they are required.



Simple measures to help prevent spread of COVID-19 which we have taken in our hotel:

  • Should you have a fever, we reserve the right to ask you to re-schedule your visit to us
  • All customer facing team members will wear a face covering
  • We ask that all adult guests wear a face covering as they move around the hotel, it is acceptable to take it off when in your own room or seated for a meal or drink as our tables are all socially distanced
  • Accommodation teams will wear face masks & teams behind the scenes who cannot socially distance will also wear face masks
  • All staff on duty at the Hotel will have authorised the management to check their temperature on an ad-hoc basis.
  • No team member will be on site if they have a fever or if they have any Covid-19 Symptoms
  • All teams have been re-inducted and fully trained in relation to our measures to stop the spread of Covid-19
  • Dining will incorporate 2 metres of physical distance between each table, we ask you to remain seated and to adhere to physical distance between you and other guests and             our team as much as possible
  • We promote regular hand-washing by displaying posters in customer and employee WCs encouraging good handwashing practice with soap and water. We have prominently           displayed alcohol-based hand sanitisers in various areas
  • We carry out regular cleaning of public areas, elevators etc. to an excellent standard  using disinfectant
  • We are using single use Menus which will be recycled after each use



Ongoing measures to reduce the impact of a COVID-19 outbreak:

  • Continue with PREVENT measures (hand washing, respiratory hygiene, regular cleaning of surfaces and objects)
  • We will continue to review guidance provided by the relevant authorities including the HSE, Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) and the Department of Foreign Affairs.

For further information, please visit HSE website or click here



We ask for your patience as we navigate the new normal, temporary changes are as follows:

  • Payment will be taken from your Card 24 hours prior to arrival
  • Enhanced cleaning is required in bedrooms, therefore our temporary check in and check out times are as follows:
  • Check out 11am sharp,
  • Check in 4pm.
  • We ask that you check out  promptly and we also ask for your patience because we cannot guarantee check in at 4pm.  4pm will be the earliest you can check in and it is not guaranteed.
  • Rooms will no longer be serviced on a daily basis unless the Guest requests it before 10am and please note that we will need at least 1 hour to totally dis-infect your room again. Any entry to your room by our team will require full sanitisation.
  • We recommend that only one couple or family use the lift at one time.
  • We are not in the position to offer late check outs or early check in times at present.
  • All tables be it for food or just drinks need to be pre-booked in order for us to adhere to our enhanced dis-infecting of tables.  Please do not sit or touch any table unless you are shown to it by one of our team.
  • Dining Times & Menus are subject to change at this time. Please book your time for Breakfast & Dinner on arrival
  • We have a ‘no pets policy’ within our public areas, however in line with the Equal Status Acts 2000 – 2011, we welcome service dogs.  In the interest of health and safety we require all service dogs to have an EU Pet Passport for your Guide Dog or Assistance Dog certifying its microchip, rabies vaccination and echinococcus.
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