Civil Ceremonies

Exchanging vows with the person you love is the most significant part of your day

The character & charm of our Mulroy suite will impress & delight you & those you share it with. Styled with  love & attention as every last detail matters.

We carefully consider every element of your celebration, whether it be a Civil Service, Humanist, Partnership or Blessing to ensure those moments will be made perfect.

Our Team possess a wealth of experience to guide you through your day & will be alongside you in perfect harmony to ensure your magical moments are realised.

This true gem of a suite comfortably accommodates up to 300 guests to bear witness to your loving exchange of vows a fitting space for your new beginnings

Rest assured in the knowledge that transition from Ceremony to Celebration runs smoothly as your guests will be afterwards welcomed to the dazzling setting of the Glashagh Suite to await your arrival as Mr & Mrs

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